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A Shatavari-forward blend, this creamy, floral blend is crafted to support all women. Shatavari, a word that means "she who has 100 lovers", has been understood to gently promote fertility and female vitality. Allow this tea to surround you with love and comfort.


Ingredients:  Organic Shatavari, Organic Fennel, Roses, Green Rooibos, Organic Lavender, Chrysanthemum, Organic Hibiscus, Natural Flavors


Made and shipped with our iconic Modern Rose love ðŸŒ¹

As always, The Modern Rose is a veteran-, woman-, and Latinx-owned organization.


Loyalty members: you still earn your points on all online purchases! Just email us your receipt to with the phone number you use for your account to have the points added!

100 Lovers Herbal Tea

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